Friday, June 29, 2007


So today at work I came in the office and I was immediately busy busy (picture this, glasses on, papers piling, emails streaming in and people stopping by with post-its (I have learned if you see a post-it, watch out, but that is a whole other blog) all by 9:30 (I get in at 9)). In the midst of all this work chaos, what happened, but I got an assignment I was thrilled about! Seriously I was almost giddy are you ready for this...we are doing an event for a company and the theme is Hawaiian Luau, b/c I lived in Hawaii I get to put together/research a list of customs, traditions, foods, anything that would go along with Hawaiian Luau theme plus be very involved in the planning. (As you can see it really doesn't take much to thrill me, hehe) So most of you are thinking this isn't that big of a deal, but seriously just thinking about Hawaii is so fun for me! All the crazy food they eat and all the ONO stuff too! Needless to say I hurried through all my other tasks/projects so that I could look for stuff online, reminisce of you get a little of this too…


Haupia; Mac Nut; Spam musubi; Poke; Mahi Mahi; Garlic Shrimp; Passion Orange Guava Juice (POG); Ti leaves; Teriyaki anything; Rice; Lomi Lomi; Mochi; Hawaiian Sweet Bread; Lilikoi (this link is to the best juices in the world); Poi


Surfboards; Shrimp Shack; Sarong; Grass skirt; Fruit; Orchids; Plumeria; Coconuts; Ukulele; Drums; Aloha Shirts; Muu Muu; Leis

Hawaiian/Pidgin Words (Local Talk)

Aloha: Hello/Goodbye

Mahalo: Thank you

Ohana: Family

Keiki: Children

Pau: Done

Choke: A lot of something

Da Kine: anything you can’t remember the name of “filler word”

Haole: foreigner usually Caucasian

LoLo: Crazy

Ono: taste good!!

Pupu: appetizers

Shoots: ok


Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Heeeey! (said in the high voice i seem to be addicted to right now)

So work is really slow today, as you can tell. My boss is in an all day meeting, so i am trying to keep busy, but my projects keep putting me into a comatose state.

I thought i would give a little update of things going on over in Cambridge and my neck of the woods. I have lived here for almost 10months, can't believe it actually! I work at Hotel @ MIT and am the catering coordinator. It is a good place to work, but i am starting to get pretty antsy and wanting more responsibility; my boss has been very good about helping me gain the experience i want, which is so so nice. It is 92 degrees today and is suppose to be hotter tomorrow....ahhhhh! I can't complain though mainly b/c i complained when it was least the sun is out and baking away. I did get to go to the beach this past weekend...and we all know I LOVE the Beach even when i find sand the next day in weird places!!!!

My parents left for Cambodia to serve a mission for our church last Monday and they have emailed since saying the arrived safe, and they were suppose to move into their "hut" last weekend. I saw a picture, I don't think i have ever lived in an apartment that nice...hut my butt. It is going to be fun to hear their adventures though. My mom kept telling me before she left, "it is her turn to get on the plane and leave me behind to hear the stories." I am hoping to visit them around Christmas, hello free place to stay in Cambodia, what more could I want!

I turned 25 two weeks ago, I am excited for this year it will be a good one... i can feel it! I can honestly say that it does feel a little different to be 25 instead of 24...very little and it is probably more mental than anything or maybe it was Dave emailing me the day after my birthday letting me know that i was closer to 30 than to 20 now...maybe...thanks for big brothers.

Next topic boys, well it will be short; I have one I am interested in and he is interested in me, but we will see what actually comes of it, and that is all I am going to publish about that. hehe The whole publishing thing makes it a little more permanent than an I won't be quite as open b/c you never know who will read what....ekkk. ;)

Here we go

So I figured if my parents could blog so could I. Not so sure what I am going to share about on this blog, but might as well jump on...