Thursday, July 26, 2007

Heads UP or Down

Just thought I would also mention Shark starts on Sunday!!!
So I thought I would share some wicked SWEET pictures I foundthese on the it is the 808.596.SURF aka surf report website. If you ever want to hear the Hawaiian accent and some pidgon talk give it a call. But this blog is not about anything but these great is a sampling

Monday, July 23, 2007


So Saturday I went to the grocery store trying to stock up (meaning: having more than eggs, yogurt and granola), seriously I haven't bought food for at least 2 weeks! I was walking past the baking section when I passed a display of fruit pectin...I immediately thought back to earlier in the week when I finished off the last of the strawberry jam my sister-in-law gave me and how I put the jar back in the fridge purely out of hope that I could get more off the sides (don't act like you don't know what I am talking about).

I took a box and looked at the back, it said all you needed was fruit (strawberries were on sale 2 for 5, and I already had 2 in my cart) sugar (within arms length) and pectin (in my hand at the moment). How hard can strawberry jam be; I’ve helped make it every summer for most of my life…that is at least 20 times; I can totally do this, I got this (sometimes I need these pep talks...usually it has to do with boys, but I guess domestic challenges are in the same boat...)! So I called Amy and asked to make sure it was really that easy (I just needed confirmation that it wasn’t a trick), and she totally confirmed the box's accuracy! So I took it! I was really excited and thought, “look how domestic I am”.
I’m not kidding I was seriously giddy, it didn’t matter how it turned out, I had the DESIRE to MAKE STRAWBERRY JAM… I couldn’t believe it! I got home and started right into it; IT REALLY IS EASY! I took about 45min and only b/c I read the instructions like 3 or 4 times every time I did a step; even on the second packet. So LADIES & GENT; I am officially turning into a Domestic GODDESS!!! Just thought you should know, in case you missed it ;)!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Check this article out, serious security! I am just so excited! I hope all are as pumped for this craziness as i am!

For all in the Boston area, check out Harvard Square Friday it will be wicked good fun!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Egyptian Cotton Sheets!

So on Saturday I had about 5 hours to kill (it started out as 3, but you know how it goes when you are getting your car worked on, they always underestimate the time it is going to take...ALWAYS). I wondered over to a Bed Bath and Beyond to do some browsing; of course I found a few things i NEED and some i defiantly wanted! One of the major wants/justifiable needs were nice sheets (thank you Amy & David for putting the idea in my head that nice sheets are a must have), so i took like a whole hour in the sheet section (mainly because i could) looking at 1000, 800 and 440 thread count sheets these all being incredibly more expensive than anticipated! Who knew sheets could cost SO much! So after a little wondering i found some Egyptian cotton sheets i have heard this "name" thrown around in movies and from those who desire to be ritzy so I did a little testing, they were soft that was for sure; but thought the bamboo selection was much softer! Even with the testing i still decided to go with the Egyptian Cotton what can i say i am a trend follower (I mean everything in movies are true...right); but let me tell you this is a trend to jump on (almost like the blogwagon). I put the sheets on my bed last night and when i was slipping (seriously slipping) into bed they were cool, soft and luxurious!

My question is how did i go this long and not know the joy of Egyptian Cotton?! I was pretty much in heaven when i was in bed! I mean i like being in bed and love to sleep (and have been questioned if it is a hobby, heehe) but this has just improved my sleeping environment by 200%. This is a potential problem considering I have a hard enough time getting out of bed in the morning as is; but this so has to be the best purchase in a long time just thought i would share!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

How much are you worth?!

Thanks Linda for this funny little quiz!

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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

True Bostonian? (update)

This past weekend was an interesting one…yeah interesting is a “good” word for it. Friday night after work I had to find a Comcast store so to pick up the ever so technical equipment for a DVR and connecting us to the internet. I was actually quite successful and only had to turn around once! After that we picked up an AC, which works great and we got it off craigslist for 35! (love craigslist) Later Friday night I went to a Salsa Club, it is a pretty clean one, which is nice to be able to go dancing and not feel like a piece of meat. All in all a good Friday!


Even though I was out late dancing I really needed to get over to the temple b/c it will be closed for the next two weeks. So I got up early (for a Saturday, 8a) b/c we had a Harry Potter Marathon planned for the rest of the day! I stopped by the store on the way home and picked up some serious junk food, I still can’t even believe it! When I got home I found a wicked good parking spot right outside my front door, I was so stoked! (I didn’t even have to drive around to find it either) So for the rest of the day I was inside with the AC running, lights off, snoozing through the previously watched HP movies in preparation for tonight’s new movie! It was a GREAT lazy Saturday! We finished up around 10:30p. Then we started to, frustratingly, try and hook up our new technology… needless to say it was unsuccessfully.


Woke up got ready and headed to my car, when I unlocked my door I noticed it was easier than normal, didn’t think any thing of it until I noticed my seat was back further than normal, and then I turned my head and noticed a giant hole in my dashboard where my radio should’ve been. All I could do was gasp! For the first time I have been robbed, so it is official I live in a big city, wow I didn’t realize how violated I would feel by knowing someone I don’t know was in my car. I was bugged at society, but it is probably for the better in the long run. I am putting a better alarm on my car, getting another stereo, and I still have a car, they could’ve easily taken my car, so thank goodness for the small blessings. I still went to church, I mean there wasn’t much I could do but go on with my day. After church I called the police, filled a report and pretty much heard that these are happening all the time, there were over 100 in June alone, so something like this was bound to happen to me. Later that day we went to some friends house and they made us dinner, so nice! Then the guys came over and helped us get our technology up and running! Yah for guys and their ability to make things work! I swear it is natural to them, and I just feel more and more stupid every time I try to set something up! Every time I want to upgrade I buy the equipment and then I say to myself this is why I need a man, I don’t do this sort of a thing. I decide I want some technology and I buy it and then I never install it myself; I just know myself well enough to know that I shouldn’t, b/c something is most likely going to be ruined if I do. Thanks to all the men and women in the world who are able to assist the technology less savvy people!

I just realized i refered to a "we" a lot this can be substituted with me and my roommates. I wish it was simply a significant other, but nonetheless it is simply my fantastic roomies!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Saturday Adventures

Saturday was a glorious day!!! The sun was out, there was a nice breeze, and it was about 80 degrees. I woke up and knew it was a beach day! Carolina and I headed to a beach I heard was good, Carson beach, we were very excited and it was supposedly easy to get to. I googled the directions and we were off. To start off we hit “unforeseen” traffic, and I fully ticked some guy off, he was livid! (I have mass plates so I don’t know what his problem was) He kept honking his horn and throwing his hands in the air and he was the one trying to cut me off. This went on for seriously 15 min. In my defense I was not the instigator for the traffic problems, needless of what he was thinking.

So we moved along through the traffic and we’re really on our way, thinking we are following the directions to the T. All of a sudden the road wasn’t doing what it was suppose to be doing.(not us…of course) We see some stores to our right one of which was Best Buy, we figure we are close so people will know what we are looking for. We went into Best Buy not thinking we were asking for anything difficult; so we ask the first employee we saw by the door, he didn’t know, he calls another guy over, he didn't know either; we ended up asking 4 different guys none of which even knew what we were talking about! But they were like you can google it over on the computers and you can get directions, Brilliant. So we go over to the computers, goggle and print directions to Carsons beach. I don’t know where we took a wrong turn, but that isn't the point of this story, it is if you ever need directions stop at BEST BUY; seriously BEST place to ask for directions! Also, Carson beach was fantastic and it was so so nice to get some SUN!

Side note I am always amazed at how willing men are to help women they don’t know…What happens when they finally get to know us? Not really men are GREAT, just a bad generalization.

Monday, July 2, 2007


Just thought I would let you know how wonderful I am…

Last week I was selected/announced the Employee of the Month for May! That is right I am pretty much a rock star!!
Hence my fabulous picture to the right, it is haning on the wall of fame, it's true...i do not lie. ;)