Monday, July 23, 2007


So Saturday I went to the grocery store trying to stock up (meaning: having more than eggs, yogurt and granola), seriously I haven't bought food for at least 2 weeks! I was walking past the baking section when I passed a display of fruit pectin...I immediately thought back to earlier in the week when I finished off the last of the strawberry jam my sister-in-law gave me and how I put the jar back in the fridge purely out of hope that I could get more off the sides (don't act like you don't know what I am talking about).

I took a box and looked at the back, it said all you needed was fruit (strawberries were on sale 2 for 5, and I already had 2 in my cart) sugar (within arms length) and pectin (in my hand at the moment). How hard can strawberry jam be; I’ve helped make it every summer for most of my life…that is at least 20 times; I can totally do this, I got this (sometimes I need these pep talks...usually it has to do with boys, but I guess domestic challenges are in the same boat...)! So I called Amy and asked to make sure it was really that easy (I just needed confirmation that it wasn’t a trick), and she totally confirmed the box's accuracy! So I took it! I was really excited and thought, “look how domestic I am”.
I’m not kidding I was seriously giddy, it didn’t matter how it turned out, I had the DESIRE to MAKE STRAWBERRY JAM… I couldn’t believe it! I got home and started right into it; IT REALLY IS EASY! I took about 45min and only b/c I read the instructions like 3 or 4 times every time I did a step; even on the second packet. So LADIES & GENT; I am officially turning into a Domestic GODDESS!!! Just thought you should know, in case you missed it ;)!