Wednesday, June 18, 2008


So last night was another great night for Boston Sports - the Celtics killed the Lakers in game 6 - so fun!!!!

I have loved the Celtics since I was a little girl watching Larry Bird play - I remember just loving him and the whole team (and in a girly way - I really like the Celtics green - but only slightly the focus :))!

Sports up here have been particularly fun to root for this past year or so - when teams are winning it is easy to love them!

Here are some pictures of the post celebration - just a glimpse at the craziness that assuredly happened - probably to the point of not wanting to see - but here is the fun beginning - hehe!

Monday, June 16, 2008


So this weekend I went skydiving! It is just so much fun!!! I told my instructor(Tom) I had been before and since I was surprisingly calm; I got to do some fun stuff - we did flips out the plan, i got to pull the cord for the parachute to open and help control the turning and landing - so so so so sosossososososo FUN!!! I was last on our flight to jump - so i saw everyone falling out of the plane - it was wicked cool! There isn't a lot of waiting around which is probably a better thing- you get up there they open the door and you all jump within a 5min time period. Because i was the last one out I got to see everyone else's parachutes opening. After a few mins Tom pointed out one of the chutes being a reserve - we came to the ground and realized it was Nicky - she told us the story of how their main chute floated past and they got to do a second free fall (she thought it was a little treat - b/c the free falling is the shortest part - so a little extra never hurt - right.). We started talking to the guys about getting certified so to be able to jump yourself - I am seriously considering it - i want to get certified in Scuba Diving and now Skydiving - I am realizing I like extreme things - it just makes life so much more exciting! Anyone game to keep up?

Monday, June 9, 2008


So this weekend I started celebrating my birthday - so fun! A few friends and I went down to Martha's Vineyard aka the Vineyard or if you are like me you know it as Amity (hehe). We got up super early (for a Saturday) and drove to the ferry - about an hour and half away. The weather was projected to be in the 90s in Boston and mid to high 80s at the vineyard - but in the morning it was still a chilly 60 - we all dressed for 80s and lets say we were considering a purchase of a cheap sweatshirt of some sort as we waited for the ferry - but luckily as soon as we "landed" it was beautiful weather!

One of the guys who worked on the ferry asked us what our plans were and we chatted with him - we were looking to see some reminisce of Jaws filming but he said we wouldn't find much - but he had been on the island when it was filmed back in 74 and he said the shark was too real - it changed the ocean for him from then on. He was very nice and promised to give us the hook up if/when we returned - to just call ahead - i love it!
The plan was to rent bikes and bike around the island - but first we wanted to get a snack - we went to this little restaurant and got pulled pork sandwiches and soft-shell crab sandwiches (featured on $40 a day with Rachel Ray) - it was a great little place and the food hit the spot.

Next stop rent bikes - and we were off we started in Oaks Bluff (where Jaws was filmed) and headed towards Edgartown - it was awesome - it was so so so beautiful the towns were quaint, the water was awesome, the company was splendid and the weather just topped it off. We found a great beach and hung out for a little.

The ferry left at 5:15p and the day just flew by and we headed back up to Boston - we got back and the weather was 97 can you believe it! We went to my recently discovered FAVORITE restaurant (you know it is bad when the waiter knows you - he is such a nice guy though) it is in Davis Sq Martsa on Elm - it is a Tibetan place - and it is so cute - the decor and the food is awesome.

Then we headed back to the apartment where Nicky gave me my birthday present (so we could watch it if we so desired) can you guess what it was - Jaws (the original) -i love this movie - i think i will forever scream when i watch it - forever! I would just like to point out it is only PG and i can't really believe that - but i love it none the less.

Oh and Jaws trivia - Steven Spielberg was only 26 when he filmed Jaws - CRAZY!

Also when we got back - Carolina and Chelsea made cupcakes and decorated them with some awesome frosting! SO GREAT!!!