Monday, June 16, 2008


So this weekend I went skydiving! It is just so much fun!!! I told my instructor(Tom) I had been before and since I was surprisingly calm; I got to do some fun stuff - we did flips out the plan, i got to pull the cord for the parachute to open and help control the turning and landing - so so so so sosossososososo FUN!!! I was last on our flight to jump - so i saw everyone falling out of the plane - it was wicked cool! There isn't a lot of waiting around which is probably a better thing- you get up there they open the door and you all jump within a 5min time period. Because i was the last one out I got to see everyone else's parachutes opening. After a few mins Tom pointed out one of the chutes being a reserve - we came to the ground and realized it was Nicky - she told us the story of how their main chute floated past and they got to do a second free fall (she thought it was a little treat - b/c the free falling is the shortest part - so a little extra never hurt - right.). We started talking to the guys about getting certified so to be able to jump yourself - I am seriously considering it - i want to get certified in Scuba Diving and now Skydiving - I am realizing I like extreme things - it just makes life so much more exciting! Anyone game to keep up?