Friday, November 16, 2007

Tag...6 I mean 7 random facts

Autumn tagged me to give 6 random tid bits; and Trina tagged me for 7, sorry for the slow response; things are a little crazy go nuts but here we go (although i don't know how much more random i can get :))

1. Dreams; who knows what they mean, but recently i have been having my reoccuring dreams and I was sharing them with some people at work where i found that most don't have dreams about animals. I almost always have a crazy dream about a shark, bear, wolf or the recent addition Alligator. In most the past most of my dreams were me being chased or attacked by the above animals where recently i am finally able to conquer them. hehe Yeah for dream victories!!!

2. Have you noticed certain stages when you pick up on a word and you can't seem to not use it; well i have been like that most of my life (at least what i can remember) right now it is crazy go nuts, boom baby, and lovely. But a few words went through this phase and have stuck and become quite an intimate part of my language namely blast and no touchy.

3. Can i just say i love going to the movies; there is something so fun about getting tickets and sitting a big theater to watch with a couple hundred other people or 10 depending on how long you wait after it is released. Either way i just love movies, last weekend i went to Dan in Real lifeI really liked it cute and funny; but more of a chick flick than i expected.

4. How much do i love my bed in the fall/winter months. It is just so so so nice to have a warm and comfy bed to sleep in. In the morning who wants to leave this

to venture into this !!!NOT ME, but such is life!

5. I love things that

sparkle...I just can't help it. I notice other people's sparkle it is one of the first things i notice on a person, does that make me shallow; i don't know... and i don't really care.

6. If you haven't watched Man vs Wild you are missing out!!!! Bear Grylls is AMAZING!!! I love him and the new season started up last friday; look for the new and old episodes on the Discover Channel.

7. The education conference went so well back in October and I never posted anything about it. Let me just say how blessed I feel having had the opportunity to work so closely with such wonderful people and seeing first handed how much the General Authorities love not only the members of the church; but all. Elder Holland couldn't have been kinder or more loving. It was a marvelous thing to witness.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Halloween videos!

Sorry i am still in love with Halloween, and we took these videos, enjoy! You might say we got a little silly...just a little!

In the first one the background laughing is almost as good as the confusion of the running!

The second makes me laugh so hard, can i just point out that he isn't chasing anything, all the cars are behind him, chasing him actually! Peer pressure is amazing...hehe

The third is just a classic example of what was going on throughout the entire night.

Last, i would like to point out the car, the lady thought there was a problem and started to stop to help but then realized that it was a viking running at her full speed ahead with some weapon, she then speeds up and zooms away leaving our friend in the dust... good times all night long!