Wednesday, November 12, 2008


What do you make of Dreams - do you remember all, some or none. How do you take the ones you remember - especially when they leave an impression?
I am one that wakes up normally without much of a dream - maybe a "that was weird" feeling or "what was that" or "where did that come from" however i have had several dreams over the years that mean more (so i think) it seems if i can recall more "facts" obviously i can think about things a little more - but usually i forget them before noon - but like i was saying there were a few i still remember.
I also have my reoccurring nightmare - i have it roughly once a month and have for years - i haven't linked it to anything that happens when i am awake...yet - but it has defiantly progressed over the years. Some of the details change and all the other characters change and don't really have names - but the idea is the same and i still do the same thing. Setting is a large old style boat (like a pirate boat) with a huge main mast in the middle of the blue large ocean. The other people on the boat are usually people i know well (or at least that is the feeling). Someone who can't swim or who is a weak swimmer always falls into the water and i am on the top of the main mast in the bird perch thing and i see a large shark in the near distance - so i dive into the water to help and as i do i see the shark increase its speed because of the sound of something new in the water. I get the person onto the ladder of the boat they are always slow in climbing up. I grab a hold of the ladder and start pulling myself up the boat - but of course the shark comes and grabs me - this is where the dream has progressed at first i would wake up with knowing the shark was about to bite and pull me down but now in the dream i get bit and dragged down to the point of darkness which is where i now wake up. Everytime i have the dream i think to myself interesting.
Crazy how our imaginations work?
Do share any thoughts on dreams or if you have dreams one of your's

Monday, November 3, 2008


I just thought i would let everyone know - we get lunch from the place of our choosing - it was a close race - but we pulled it out!!! SO FUN!