Monday, December 31, 2007

Christmas and Les Miserable

Christmas I went home to Ohio; almost all of my family went to my parents house even though they weren't there. It was a weird Christmas to not have my parents there; but they are doing something so good where they are at. We definitely missed Mom's cooing and attention and Dad's laughter. It was weird to go home this time; as i was running doing errands it was the first time i felt like i was an honest visitor. That is my home town; but that isn't where I live; I have moved away for a long enough period of time that where i am at is my "home", kind of a weird realization.
For Christmas I bought Shawn and I tickets to go see Les Miserable on Broadway this past weekend (I thought it would be fun to go see something on Broadway and then i found out that Les Miz was leaving Broadway so I hurried up and just bought great seats for that show instead of consulting :) ) it turned out to be so great. The seats were great, the theatre was so fun (really small and very intimate); the actors voices were absolutely AMAZING the Jean Val Jean and Eponie were my favorites; but they were all wonderful!!! So i have finally lived that dream too; seeing Les Miserables on Broadway, check! Oh and Shawn liked it too (since it was actually "his" Christmas present) so that was fun. ;)

New York was absolutely crazy! Last time i went down there i thought there were a lot of people, but that was nothing compared to this trip; as we were walking around it seemed like we were being herded like cattle; I don't know if I could ever live in that city, but I guess I would get use to it. It was fun to go to Rockefeller Center and see the tree and to walk along 5th Ave and see the window displays and see time square getting all decked out for New Year's Eve...glad I am not going to be there tonight for it all, but fun to see it before the absolute craziness takes place.

Well Happy New Year and hope you had a Happy Christmas!!!!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

weekly update

So this week has been another roller coaster...Here are a few tid bits :)

Ok so this was last week; but I just wanted to share some pictures of the cute kids i got to play with at my brother's house; Abby and Peter are growing up so fast; they are both such people and defiantly have their own personalities!

Sunday was my roommate's birthday!!! Happy Birthday Day Nickers!!!! She is so FABULOUS!!!

Work is crazy with getting ready for the big change over next Wednesday! I don't know if i have mentioned, the hotel i work at has been sold and well it is a bit of an ugly turnover. Not sure if this is normal or if the new company really is that "ify"; I guess we will see.

Tuesday I watched The Hills; I can't help but watch this show, for some reason i just love it; i call it my guilty pleasure; it is pretty much a reality soap opera. Good thing it is only 30mins and since i usually watch it the next day (it is a monday night show)i can fast forward through commercials and have it work with my schedule and it ends up only being 15mins of actual show. But one of the great things about this show is the music, this past week they played an artist i didn't know so i looked her up on ITUNES and now i love her (A Fine Frenzy) the song that caught my attention is 'Almost Lover'; check her out.

Wednesday we went to dinner at a fun little Asian noddle restaurant and then frozen yogurt shoppe (literally frozen yogurt); it was pretty YUMMY and great company!!! I love good friends!

Also on Wednesday i found out some very sad news; my cat that i have had for almost 20years died; her old body just couldn't take another cold winter. I loved Frisky; she was/is the reason why i love cats so much - even if they do make me break out in hives, my throat swells close and my eyes uncontrollably water. She was such a good cat. My sister and niece saw her Tuesday and played/loved with her a little; and then they found her on Wed. so i am really glad she didn't suffer a long time; considering last week she caught a mouse and seemed healthy.

Decided on Thursday that i want to learn how to quilt! The problem is the quilt i want to make is about as difficult as it gets; i saw it in the Pottery Barn catalog
Isn't that so pretty!

Tonight i am going to the Havard-Radcliffe Chorous 'The King Shall Rejoice'; my other roommate Christel is singing in the choir; it should be wonderful; I am going to say it again (i can't promise i won't say it again after this either) I love Christmas music and season.

So what is happening in your world?