Monday, August 27, 2007

Blog Colors

In HONOR of the below team i have changed my blog color scheme to the beautiful and ever so heart wrenching Scarlet and Grey!

What more can i say than, GO BUCKEYES!!


So I realized today that College Football Starts this weekend, Hooray!!! I get giddy just thinking about it!!! O-H ... I-O

Granted I probably wont get to watch Ohio State, but just to have the blessed events of football on tv again will be so great! So here is the schedule just in case...check your local listings to find the channel nearest you or if you're really lucky head over to your local stadium!!!!

Sat, Sep 01

Youngstown State (Alumni Band)

Columbus, Ohio

Sat, Sep 08

Akron (Hall of Fame)

Columbus, Ohio

Sat, Sep 15


at Seattle, Wash.

Sat, Sep 22

Northwestern *

Columbus, Ohio

Sat, Sep 29

Minnesota *

at Minneapolis, Minn.

Sat, Oct 06

Purdue *

at West Lafayette, Ind.

Sat, Oct 13

Kent State

Columbus, Ohio

Sat, Oct 20

Michigan State (Homecoming) *

Columbus, Ohio

Sat, Oct 27

Penn State *

at State College, Penn.

Sat, Nov 03

Wisconsin *

Columbus, Ohio

Sat, Nov 10

Illinois *

Columbus, Ohio

Sat, Nov 17

Michigan *

at Ann Arbor, Mich.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Seriously this is the last one....

I couldn't resist!!

Which Hogwarts House Would You Be In?

The Sorting Hat would put you in Gryffindor. You are bold, passionate, and brave. You have a highly-defined sense of right and wrong, and you are not afraid to speak your mind or fight for what you want.
Find Your Character @

What can I say, I am a total sucker for these things...

I don't know how true it is either, but nonetheless it is a fun quiz...enjoy!

Which Sex and the City Character Are You?

You are Charlotte. Fairytales were made for you. You've had your share of heartbreak, but that doesn't stop you from opening your heart to others and searching for your happily-ever-after. To some, you may appear naive and your romantic ideals far-fetched, but you know that someday, your Prince will come.
Find Your Character @

Monday, August 20, 2007


So it has been awhile since I last contributed to the whole wide world of blogging. I check people's blogs and I get bugged when i find I'm already "caught up" on their lives...but look who is talking, seriously it has been like 2 weeks. So here is an update!

Went and saw borne ultimatum - laughed the whole time at how over the top it was and the silly love story they tried to slide in there; even though I recommend the movie!

Went to Carson's beach again, love that beach mainly b/c parking is so so so easy and it is close. I got burnt a little on my back but loved every minute of it!

One of the reasons, OK the main reason my back got burnt was Harry Potter 7 I know I am slow, but i was at the end and wanted to lay on my stomach so I could read--I ended up making excuses to stay home for the rest of the day so i could read, I finished it, cried and can I just say... LOVED IT!!

I went to my first Red Sox Game, they played Tampa Bay and the Red Sox won!!!! It was so fun to be inside of FENWAY and see the game and just be there!! So FUN!

I finally did the freedom trail, I have heard of this walk around the city since i moved here and finally had a chance to do it. I didn't realize how long it was though, but still so fun to walk around the city talking with a friend and seeing a little bit of history!

Went and saw Becoming Jane - cute movie, sad, I totally cried even though i was trying to hold it in, so it must have been a great love story.

This past Sunday the love of SPAM was re encountered!!! I forgot how "good" it is; even if it is really really bad for you, at least it taste good! Since i haven't eaten any for over 2 years i think i am good. hehe

The Education Conference - here is the link for the conference, so good!!! I think it looks great; thanks to Seth, Robert, and Tim! The planning is getting exciting!

So there is a little update on things!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

blue, Blue, BLUE!!!

Yesterday my friend (I do have one) Shawn and I went to Salem (to check out the witch city; it is appropriate with all the Pottermania) it was 91degrees and we were walking around everywhere. A fun town very quaint and just fun--but that is another blog at another time or if you are really curious send me an email. We decided after about a mile trek in the sweltering heat to get Italian ice; mmmm cold, refreshing and SWEET! I got blue raspberry (do you know why they always have blue raspberry flavor when raspberries are red...I do) and before long it was pointed out that my entire mouth was blue (i don't always take these things into consideration when i order) so i thought i would share some fun pictures...

these were taken simply to see the blueness and redness not for the blog--there wasn't a mirror around. (Shawn's was cherry - red is a much safer color to order, log that for the future).