Monday, August 20, 2007


So it has been awhile since I last contributed to the whole wide world of blogging. I check people's blogs and I get bugged when i find I'm already "caught up" on their lives...but look who is talking, seriously it has been like 2 weeks. So here is an update!

Went and saw borne ultimatum - laughed the whole time at how over the top it was and the silly love story they tried to slide in there; even though I recommend the movie!

Went to Carson's beach again, love that beach mainly b/c parking is so so so easy and it is close. I got burnt a little on my back but loved every minute of it!

One of the reasons, OK the main reason my back got burnt was Harry Potter 7 I know I am slow, but i was at the end and wanted to lay on my stomach so I could read--I ended up making excuses to stay home for the rest of the day so i could read, I finished it, cried and can I just say... LOVED IT!!

I went to my first Red Sox Game, they played Tampa Bay and the Red Sox won!!!! It was so fun to be inside of FENWAY and see the game and just be there!! So FUN!

I finally did the freedom trail, I have heard of this walk around the city since i moved here and finally had a chance to do it. I didn't realize how long it was though, but still so fun to walk around the city talking with a friend and seeing a little bit of history!

Went and saw Becoming Jane - cute movie, sad, I totally cried even though i was trying to hold it in, so it must have been a great love story.

This past Sunday the love of SPAM was re encountered!!! I forgot how "good" it is; even if it is really really bad for you, at least it taste good! Since i haven't eaten any for over 2 years i think i am good. hehe

The Education Conference - here is the link for the conference, so good!!! I think it looks great; thanks to Seth, Robert, and Tim! The planning is getting exciting!

So there is a little update on things!