Sunday, August 5, 2007

blue, Blue, BLUE!!!

Yesterday my friend (I do have one) Shawn and I went to Salem (to check out the witch city; it is appropriate with all the Pottermania) it was 91degrees and we were walking around everywhere. A fun town very quaint and just fun--but that is another blog at another time or if you are really curious send me an email. We decided after about a mile trek in the sweltering heat to get Italian ice; mmmm cold, refreshing and SWEET! I got blue raspberry (do you know why they always have blue raspberry flavor when raspberries are red...I do) and before long it was pointed out that my entire mouth was blue (i don't always take these things into consideration when i order) so i thought i would share some fun pictures...

these were taken simply to see the blueness and redness not for the blog--there wasn't a mirror around. (Shawn's was cherry - red is a much safer color to order, log that for the future).