Monday, January 14, 2008


My sister Deb tagged me to do another random blog, I know I am random, but I am also spontaneous, hence it taking a week or so to respond; sorry Deb :)

Random numero uno - Green is my favorite color.

2 - I have strong opinions about Animals being treated like humans; for example a dog or cat riding an airplane; I saw a dog being "walked" at the airport over the holidays. I think this bothers me the most because I am extremely allergic to cats and dogs affect me. And I know there are people out there more sensitive or allergic than I am. When someone is allergic to peanuts we can barely bring something with nuts on board, but it is ok to have your cat or dog riding around the sky no problems...sounds a little wrong.
3 - Screening phone calls - I do it, so do 99.98% of the rest of the cell phone population. When did this become OK. How did this become OK. Don't get me wrong I am really glad it is accepted (when i do it of course, but only me), but is that what is happening every time someone doesn't answer or do you not think that way? As if our population's self esteem couldn't get lower...we can't even make a phone call without feeling rejected before the fear was only once someone picked up. :)
4 - ADDICTION - I have a few addictions (at least that i am willing to admit ;)) 1 splurging whether it be on nice clothes, food, or kitchen gadgets i just think it is fun. 2 chic flicks I can watch chic flicks all day long, all weekend long. I watched Jane Austen's Persuasion yesterday - I LOVED IT, so good, i was just giddy when i started was just funny how excited I got.
5 - FAVORITE OFFICE GADGET NAME - The staple taker outer, you know what I am talking about; but what exactly is it called, hummm try thinking of the real clue.

6 - I am looking to buy a new car and I think I really like the FORD Escapes 2004 -2006, what do you think, any opinions? If you had $10000 - $15000 to spend on a newer car what would you choose (good snow ability is so important considering there is about 8 to 10 inches outside right now)

7 - I bought my ticket to CAMBODIA from January 30th - February 12th - I am SO SO SO excited! Can't wait to visit Asia, it will be so interesting to see. Yeah for different Cultures
I tag Leslie, Mary, Peggy, Lauren, Jeremy, Michelle and someone who is itching to do one.