Monday, July 7, 2008

July 4th in Boston

So this past weekend was a fun and long holiday weekend! Thursday I worked a 1/2 day and then headed over to the hatch shell to see the rehearsal show of the Pops and rascal flats - we had great seats! My camera is broken - so i have to rely on others pictures - so maybe i will update this post later with more personal pictures (instead of what i can find on the Internet). It did rain crazy like for about 15 mins - so we just stood up and made a tent with our blankets - it worked pretty well considering the situation :) - we weren't very good at the whole planning thing!

Friday - we had high expectations for the weather regardless of the weather predictions - but for once the weather man was right on and it was cloudy, rainy and gross almost all day! So instead of hitting a beach we went and got brunch at the ball street cafe - it was quite good - and i love being a girl and getting free stuff! The owner thought he knew me from somewhere and gave us a plate of lovely fruit - loved it. Next ran some errands, went home napped a little and went over to Spencer's house he has a great view of the river and the fireworks. Even though he had an awesome view - Lina, Merrit, Rachel and I decided to go down to the river to watch - there is something about feeling the explosions and being around all sorts of people that make for an amazing firework show! It was amazing this year - lots of new technology - so FUN!

Saturday - Again we had high hopes for the weather - needless to say i think it is the first time the weather man has predicted two days in a row accurately! I started off the day running (like a crazy person) with a new friend - the guy that makes the ice cream at Christina's - he is this crazy runner - runs 6min miles for 20 miles - i said crazy and i meant it! Nicky started talking about running with him a few weeks back and last weekend we went with him for the first time - it was a great run - but this weekend it was just me and him and HOLY CRAP he kicked my butt! It was a great run - we did 7 miles in an hour and maybe 5mins - for me that is awesome! He is so nice - b/c the whole time we were running he was like you are ready for races - you can certainly qualify for the Boston marathon - i will help you train - so inspirational - so we will see how dedicated i get about this! After the run Lina, Merrit and I ignored the weatherman and attempted the beach - we lasted maybe a half hour - maybe. It was cold didn't even take of my shirt and shorts. Instead we went over to the Flour (famous bakery in Boston thanks to the Food Network and Rachel Ray) - it was good - we didn't get sticky buns - but the sandwiches were good! Later we went to see Get Smart - really fun movie- laughed the whole time unless i was being grossed out (only happened twice - the rat scene and the vomit scene - just too much for me :))

Sunday was a lovely relaxing day - went to church and went home to relax and take a nap - feel asleep while Harry Potter was on and woke up to go have dinner with Chelsea (amazing bbq chicken!) played a couple rounds of liars dice and original Super Mario Brothers (that's right original).

There is the recap for the past weekend - other than that - back to work I go!