Friday, August 8, 2008


Opening Kick off - look at the little men - love it and THEM! You can see the lighthouse on the other side of the stadium - I must say it was pretty distracting as well as the Cheerleaders - but that is for another day :).
The Gillette Screen - it is so fun to be in the stadium!
I don't know why but it seems like things like this happen to me often, but when i sat down there was this little treat on the ledge directly in front of me - it was ironic because we were playing the ravens (a little morbid -but i didn't do it - i just found it).
Me - we were up high - but they were good seats look how pretty the field is :)- we did think about going down closer (the stadium was probably only 1/3 full)- but we were good where we were.

Yes, I know the Pats lost - but I was there and saw it first hand - so here are some pictures of the cool stadium!