Thursday, September 4, 2008


I am joining in the blogging world to discuss (ever so slightly) politics. But first can i point out in the background of this pictures - does anyone else think the guy in the suit on the right side of the picture look like Bill Clinton - that was the first thing i thought. I know it can't be (we would have heard it if Clinton was at the Convention) but doesn't he look just like him.

I don't want to get into the politics argument - so i won't really - but i did think Palin's speech last night was well delivered and good - i can't compare it to Obama's because i didn't hear his - but i have heard others say it was comparable in charisma. I think people who say McCain choosing her was rash decision took that back (at least a little) last night. Yes, i will admit her experience is weak (i am not 100% for or against i am just stating what i am observing) - but i think she is an intelligent woman who will support McCain and compliment his skills nicely. I think her investment in Alaska and knowledge of the oil industry will be a good push to seriously look into alternative energy options - which is a big issue.
Immigration - well lets admit that isn't the deciding factor for either candidate - considering both want to put a 700mile fence along the border of Mexico (does this sound stupid or like a waste of money to anyone other than me). Economics - none of the candidates know what to do with a natural fall in the economy (because it HAS to happen) but i would like to know what economic advisers each would bring into office -because they are the ones that know what they are talking about and will affect how and when the turn will take place - but i guess i will always agree to putting money back into the economy by creating jobs and helping business through tough times instead of different programs - to simply give money out. The war - i am very hesitant to say much - but progression is being made - good is happening (we know this because of the reports and the fact that the media is so quiet about it right now) - how could we just pull out now - why would we waste these past years and money by not accomplishing the task at hand when it is so close.

So much for not really getting into politics - but i am trying to keep it mellow and trying to really get an opinion this time around not that it really matters my state would be blue without any campaigning - but i want to be able to say i voted even if it doesn't make a difference - so what did you think of the Palin's speech last night?