Friday, October 31, 2008


This year Halloween has been quite the crazy time - so much that i planned a pumpkin carving activity for FHE but didn't actually carve one. Luckily work had a pumpkin carving contest - yippee!!!!

Jocelyn, Sylwia and I were in charge of coming up with the idea for our department- so we brainstormed for a couple of days - we thought we should keep it in the theme of our department so we were thinking either a scary bride or a wedding cake. Jocelyn was pretty excited about the wedding cake idea (it was hers :)) so she said she would go home over the weekend and practice just to see if it could be done. She comes back on Monday with a small pumpkin that despite its moldiness (not her fault) resembled a tiered cake. So it was decided.

Tuesday (the carving day) came around and Sylwia brought in some black and white beads and ribbon to do the trimming and that afternoon we went to work - originally i thought i would have little to do with the actual carving - but lets be honest i want to win so the more hands getting it done the better, right?
Wednesday I brought in spiders and spider web and a light up stick thing to put inside - we just loved it - during the process other keep saying it didn't look like a cake or it didn't look very good - well lets see who gets the last laugh now - hehe - just kidding i just think we should win!
Oh and Thursday the last and final touch came the Cake topper - we wanted to get a topper with the corpse bride - but no such luck in such short time.

As you can see i was quite involved - hehe
ewwww the guts
two hands are better than one - the carving begins
we made quite the mess - but we cleaned it up
we had snacks too
first layer done
second layer
here is the piece cut out
getting ready to take everything down to the Lobby so the guest can vote
Final product - lovely don't you think?
We even cut a piece and pulled it out a little with a plate and fork waiting we also had a Champagne flute with beads.
The guests' are voting for their favorite yesterday and today - cross your fingers we want to win - we think we get lunch or a party or something like that - but really it is just about bragging rights :).