Thursday, February 5, 2009

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8 TV Shows or Movies I watch regularly
1. The Office – so funny!
2. Top Chef – my favorite reality show
3. The City – it has replaced the Hills for my stupid show of the week
4. Man vs. Wild – Bear – do I need to say more
5. Shark Week – until my DVR went on the fritz and we lost all of shark week
6. Seinfeld – it never gets old even the repeats I love
7. Elf – I love this movie and love it year round – I can’t get enough of it
8. Friends – another filler

8 Things that happened yesterday. (this is a very pathetic category for me – at least today it is)
1. Went to work – found out I have a very interesting client
2. Realized I am not as much of an adult as I wish or thought I was
3. Checked Blogs
4. Went to the Gym
5. Made plans to clean my room
6. Crocheted a little until I ran out of green yarn
7. Ate dinner
8. Drove around looking for a parking spot

8 Favorite places to EAT (this is a hard one)
1. In a home that has someone who knows how to cook good food (I prefer good inhouse cooking any day of the week to a restaurant)
2. Annas
3. Blue Ribbon BBQ
5. AllStar Sandwiches
6. Mr. Barley’s (best burger I have ever had)
7. Legal Seafood (I had the best salmon special there the other day – lame but it was so good)
8. Subway (I still love subway)

8 things I am looking forward to
1. Going Snowboarding
2. The weather warming Up
3. Going to Atlanta to go to the Aquarium and Swim in the Giant 6.2 million gallon tank which holds Whale Sharks and Manta Rays
4. Going on Vacation in the Fall (not sure where either Hawaii or Greece/Italy)
5. Getting Married, Falling in Love again
6. Shark Week
7. The days when life is simple even if just for the day
8. My heart Healing

8 Things on my wish list
1. To learn how to play the piano
2. To find a way to keep my life organized – especially my room
3. To find where I belong either in Boston or some place else
4. To find the best fit for me with my job, with what I do, where I do it and how I do it
5. To always be healthy
6. To become wicked good at snowboarding, to be able to do some sweet jumps this year
7. A nice diamond ring (I can’t help it I love them – I am drawn to them)
8. To have an awesome tan

8 People I tag.. lucky you..(I hate this part – it is just obnoxious)
1. Megan
2. Leslie
3. Robyn
4. Cristi
5. Rachael
6. Afton
7. Katrina
8. Someone Random (let me know who and when you post it) J