Thursday, February 14, 2008


Here are some pictures from my trip to Cambodia, I only have 1/2 the pictures to choose from , Ann has the other 1/2 and will be sending me a CD with her pictures soon ... hopefully. I will give short explanation for the different pictures and will have different post concerning different stories and thoughts to come!

would you eat one...i couldn't bring myself to: I wish I was so brave

visited the floating village in Siem Reap - land is so expensive there

saw the Apsaria Dancing

visited the Angkor Wat and the surrounding Wat (temple) they were amazing, and the stairs were steep, the views were beautiful, and all and all such a fun day of adventures! Oh and i wore sandals when i was traipsing around the Wats - so here is a picture of my dirty dirty feet as well like i said a day full of adventures!

we rode an elephant up to a Wat on a hill

the palace in Phnom Phen

the killing field I will post on this subject later, i am reading a biography of Pol Pot and will for sure have more to say on this subject, let me just say this is a sad circumstance, and such a foreign concept of letting something like this happen, but i can speak very boldly sitting writing on my laptop in a heated apartment.

Well there is a snapshot, more to be posted...