Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Ice Cream You Scream

So today at lunch they had ice cream bars, I hadn't had ice cream in awhile so I took one. Now I feel a little ill; this has happened frequently when I have had ice cream in the past few years and recently I have started to think it wasn't because I ate too much ice cream, but instead that maybe I might (as awful as it sounds) be allergic to ice cream!!! So sad, because for as long as I can remember I would always say the one thing I couldn't live without was ice cream. I don't think it is all dairy because I can drink milk, love cheese etc, but their must be something else about ice cream that my body has started to reject. Frozen yogurt seems to be ok (at least last time I had some, last fall); so I guess I will have to stick with stuff that is close, but not as rich. Sad day, this probably wont make me stop eating ice cream all together, but will definately make me think not only twice but 3 times about how good is the ice cream and is it worth feeling a little ill for an afternoon or night. Have any of you had similar things happen, maybe not with ice cream but other things you love?