Wednesday, April 23, 2008

PONDER THIS - In ALMOST complete opposition with MYSELF...

So today is an absolutely gorgeous New England Day - in fact it is an absolute gorgeous anywhere day!
the commons

Today for lunch i went outside and ate - i of course sat in the sun and thourghly enjoyed being hot! I had short sleeves on and i am pretty sure i got some sun, it was out for about 45 mins so hopefully if i can do this on a regular basis i will be able to get some sun (on my arms at least) this summer - YEAH!

If you are wondering what my title means, i just thought it was curious that my last post was about being excited for snow and winter again and then i go an write about how excited i am for it to be warm and sunny - i just had to laugh about what a walking contradition i really am with almost everything.

In all honesty i love all seasons for whatever reason (fall still reigns as the winner); but there is something "special" about spring and the excitment for summer - everyone is happier, smiling and ready to play (including myself). Maybe it is engrained in us to love summer from when we were kids and got summer vacations - oh to have summer vacation again!