Thursday, May 29, 2008


What is it about summer that makes going to the movies irresistible! I have certainly caught that bug this year! So here are some recommendations -

IRON MAN ROCKED MY WORLD!!!!! I had very low, no wait, i had NO expectations when i went to see it the first time (that's right i saw it more than once, three times actually) and there were like 10 people in the theater at the max - Nicky and i just got back from the water park in Florida and decided to try and catch a movie. We had popcorn a drink and were both so surprised by how fun it was. I strongly recommend seeing this if you haven't already - go in thinking it will be fun and that Robert Downey Jr. is FINE and you should enjoy it - oh and expect some fun blowing up scenes! (very deep movie - there is also a political stand taken - but try to not let that get in the way (i am always bugged when Hollywood tries to put their political spin on things whether i agree or not))

BABY MOMMA! Another movie I didn't expect to love. It was hilarious and really quite clean! I was so surprised - but i heard it was clean and funny, so i went with unknown expectations - Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are hilarious as always - great laugh! Predictable ending, but fun.

CHRONICLES OF NARNIA PRINCE CASPIAN. I actually really liked it; i thought it was better than most second movies out there and i just love the story! I just saw this one two days ago - so i am still letting it settle in, but i did really like it and thought it was fun.

INDIANA JONES. Well, Harrison Ford still has it. The rest of the acting was pretty weak - and the writing seemed too fake for my liking. The old Indiana movies you could follow along with figuring out of the riddles where this time it felt like it was too ahhahish (if you understand that - maybe the word for it is coincidental (not that all movies aren't, but i like it to FEEL believable)). The action scenes were still really fun; the sci-fi theme/twist at the end was a little weird for me - but that is just personal; overall i would say fun, but seeing it once is enough.

Here are some to be excited about:

THE HAPPENING. I know it is going to be R, but it is M. Night Shyamalan - and he is an absolutely amazing director! The trailers, let alone his reputation, have sparked way to much interest in me to not at least attempt it.

THE DARK KNIGHT AKA BATMAN!!!! I don't think anyone can not be excited about this one; plus it will be interesting to see Heath Ledger in one of his last movies. It does look dark - so we will see.

HANCOCK Don't know much about this one, but Will Smith is so fun to watch and the trailer i saw looked good.

THE X-FILES: I WANT TO BELIEVE It will be interesting to see this back again

HELL BOY II Please don't judge me, but i kind of want to see this too. Maybe i am just too into comic book characters :).

OK so my list can keep going but I will stop with July.

There is one more movie that has intrigued me; mainly because it is one of the scariest things I can actually think of happening. It is a honest to goodness horror movie; called the Strangers, and it opens this weekend. The trailers scare me and get my heart racing. I wouldn't be able to go to this one even if it weren't R (the theme is too real), it seems just that haunting/evil - i would say check it out, but why would i do that to you - more or less I am warning you :).