Tuesday, May 27, 2008

What defines me and you

I have been thinking recently what am i passionate about - i have friends who have their "thing" what is my "thing"?

I have always loved the ocean and all its creatures especially sharks - but i get sea sick and am not a huge science person i just find it fascinating- although i think i am going to certify in scuba this summer just so i can always have the option.

Always love cultural events - such as dancing, musicals, and musuems- danced growing up and enjoy going dancing every now and then (i am grateful to be able to hear a beat)- but not a talent i really am taking anywhere. Art always loved art class and still use it to release - but again where am i going to take that skill.

The stars have always been something that intrigues me - hello i went to space camp - but again not huge with science classes (although i loved my astronomy class -back in the day)

Within the past 5 years or so i have really started to love running - but don't aspire to be amazing at it or reach any record but to keep enjoying it.

Enjoy fashion - but think there needs to be limits in spending and it actually bugs me when i get consumed with material things.

Of coures i am all about Football - but i am chick - and it isn't more than something i enjoy and look forward to the season of (don't get me wrong some years i have gotten a little more out of control than others).

I love to travel - but it isn't what i think about myself when people ask me what my passion is - i just love going places - and right now in my life why wouldn't i travel (i think my next location may be Egypt and or Isreal but we will see).

I really like trying new food and cooking - I'm not a chef or a foodie; but i think it is fun and i especially like to stretch my ability even if it takes me 2 hours to make one thing

I do love being outside - and am trying to appreciate all the seasons and enjoy being outside in all of them (i have spring, summer and fall down - i just need to work on winter - hence the snowboard - hopefully that will keep the winter blues away a little better)

Do you see the confusion I really like a lot of things, but what is it that makes me tick i will keep trying to figure it out and will keep you posted on what i find - how do you all define yourself?