Thursday, October 4, 2007

Angry Sosny Bunnies

So here is a randomness from my time in Russia. And when I say randomness i mean it; it has very little to do with Russia, except to show how excited we got to be able to be outside without snow and freezing to death! Being trapped up in our little, funky smelling, russian apartments; which i was so greatful for despite the terrible bed that almost broke my back.
Anyway there was a badmitten (spelling) (the Russian kids loved badmitten and would beg me to play with them as i would walk home from school, so every once in awhile i would play with them, i must say i was a natural ;) but that is another story) net set up one building over from ours that we took our volleyball to and would play. We had two apartments one for the Sosny school teachers (me) and one for the Kaptain school teachers; so that is why we played Sosny vs Kaptain. We challenged them to the game and little did they know we were going to bring it, we picked gray as our color (mainly b/c that was the only color all of us had to wear), our name was the Angry Sosny Bunnies b/c we were given a bunny key holder by some strange Russian men (but again story to be told at a later time.) and decided to put our hair in high pigtails So here are some pictures from our little games we played! hehe Enjoy

of course we lost the ball under the cars and why I (with my short arms) was retrieving it I will never know; but how could you resist taking a picture of a butt sticking straight up in the air! boom baby! :)

This is the Kaptain team, they were just happy to get a point :) (hey it is my blog)

After the games we would do as any other sport teams would do; run along the center of the "court" and high five the other team...

And here are the CHAMPIONS...the Angry Sosny Bunnies... pretty angry if i do say so myself; oh and we won every match; so I guess you could say we were the best! ;)