Monday, October 8, 2007

Happy St. Patrick's Day?...Russian Boyfriends...ok

Here is another Russian story, but i will give an update on the Education conference from last weekend, sometime this week. Enjoy!

So this is pretty much the only picture I have for this story; but it is a good one so i think it deserves a full post all about it!

March 17th one of my favorite days of the year, why i don't know; but St. Patrick's Day is just such a fun holiday; hello it is an excuse to wear green and pinch people who aren't, what more could you want from a holiday (and yes i know that isn't what st. patty's day is to everyone else in the world but it is to me). So St. Patty's day comes and us girls decide we are going to celebrate the holiday by making a green dinner. So we prepped to make Green bilinis (Russian creps), with green apples and broccoli and other green food or food we could dye green. Well I got home from school before most of the other teachers and was getting things set up to start making dinner. One of the other teachers, Jenny came home 10 mins or so later and is all in a huff telling me there is something crazy going on outside. She asks me if i heard any screaming or anything, I didn't and she continues to tell me the following story: "There is a guy crawling along the (snow/ice covered)road outside and is screaming like he is in pain or something like that." I then proceed to go outside b/c i have to see this for my own eyes...hello a guy crawling down the main street of sosny screaming and no one is helping this is kind of crazy and a little communist sounding; so i peek my head out the apt building door to find at the end of the street an "ambulance" pushing a couple of guys into the vehicle and 2 or 3 other guys trying to pull him out of the vehicle and there being a huge struggle back and forth so i continue staring trying to figure out what is happening. As i watch the guys pulling one of the people out of the vehicle and is successful and then seeing them try and get the other guy out of the vehicle (i will continue to call it a vehicle b/c it wasn't a car, truck, van or was a mix of all, very efficient :)) i think to myself this can't actually be an ambulance or why would they be trying to get them out of it?! Oh through out this whole struggle the guys are scream and there is one voice that squeals as high pitch as a mans voice can get; but i am the only one watching i decide if the Russian's aren't watching; it obviously isn't anything worthy of watching or just not a big deal, so i head back inside to get back to preparing the fantastic green food.

Jenny then has to go catch a bus to go into Moscow. She leaves and gets back about 15 mins later, explaining that the babuskas pushed her to the back of the line and she didn't feel like standing for the whole 30 min ride and that she would catch the next bus in. But then she proceeds to ask me if i knew who the guy was lying outside our door. I of course didn't and didn't even know there was a man lying outside our door. So i go to the peep hole to check it out, to find not only a man lying on the floor, but 2 other guys as well (these ones are mobile). They must of heard me or seen my shadow under the door, or my eye in the peephole b/c almost immdietly there was a knock at the door. I wasn't quite sure what to do and i believe i shrilled (like any girl would do) and ran away from the door. Jenny went to the door and i followed, she opened it and they immediatly start going off in Russian; we of course use our most common Russian phrase "i don't speak Russian" and get our english russian dictionary to have him translate to us what he is trying to say. He pushes the book away (not sure if it is b/c of the complicated orders or if the wording was too small for his very bloodshot eyes to focus on). He keeps pointing at his friend on the floor and doing all these motions (no clue what he was trying to guesture at (if there is anything i learned about in russia it was that getures are not a universal language ) so i go for the phone to have our Russian contact to talk with him so she can tell us what they are asking us. I get Julia on the phone and explain the situation; her response is like don't open the door. I say too late we already did; will you talk with them and tell us what they are trying to say. We give him our oh so new phone (not, it was a rotary phone from like 1982)and it didn't quite reach to outside the front door so he had to kind of come into our apt a little.

I get the phone back and Julia is laughing on the other end, they were asking us not to call the police on their buddy; that he was just really drunk and needed a place to sleep for a little while and that they would be back for him in a couple of hours. We tell them we wont call the the police and then the bolder looks at me and (points at me) says, "you girl (points at himself) me boy" at this i push him out the door and close it as i am saying "nyet". So we monitor the peephole through out the rest of the night; finding an interesting show of him taking his pants off peeing in the corner (mind you it is about 10 degrees out), really sanatary don't you think.

A couple of hours later the guy in our group (who lived upstairs) came over and saw that we had a box of chocolates and a Bunny shaped key holder outside our door and the guy was gone. So we decided we had Russian boyfriends, i mean they did buy us presents. hehehe