Monday, October 1, 2007

The big E

So last weekend I got to relive a part of my childhood...well sort of! Growing up every august there was a carnival/fair. I always wanted to go and it was so the cool place to be; hello there were rides, food, and people from other schools that you could "meet". Well this past weekend I went to a bigger and better fair than our little town ever put together it is called the BIG E. I really didn't know what i was getting into; all i knew was it sounded like a fair/carnival and i was stoked. This "fair" was enormous! It is pretty much a fair for the entire New England area and it has replicas of the state houses from all the different states. Inside these replicas they have different things that represent their state; but i think it is still all about the food, part of the "things" that represent their state are the choice treats of desire! SO good; although i don't recommend starting off with the Claim cakes they sit a little heavy and well lets just say you need a little time to digest especially when they hit an empty stomach.

Aside from these very cool state house replicas and representation of state pride, they had are you ready for this.... SHARKS!!! Random, but oh so lovely! They had Lemon sharks and Nurse Sharks, it was really cool to see Nurse sharks considering they are one of the species marine biologist are still exploring and know very little, thanks to technology this is changing but it was really neat to see them. Yes it was incredibly bizzar to see them at a fair, but as far as i am concerned you can't see sharks in a wrong place (except maybe when you are injured and swimming in the middle of the deep blue ocean without any form of a boat and you're bleeding from at least 2 limbs and you see one next to you, ok so maybe that is a bad place to see a shark :))

They also had all sorts of farm animals, plants (namely giant pumkins (Dad)) and produce Ohio could be proud of, oh and 4H and FFA were both represented in case you are wondering ;). All in all it was really fun and some place kind of "new"; but the people are still really fun to watch -there are some serious crazy out there, but they only keep things exciting!